Saturday, February 28, 2009


Jim and I are in the planning and preparation stage of a journey to go back to the state of our nativity, South Dakota, to work on land that has been in his family for generations, a land he loves, and our family cherishes.

Our goal is to spend the summer there on 160 acres of farm and range land and improve it as much as possible. There are no buildings there on the property in Dewey County, so there is a great deal to be done, and little energy and time to achieve all that we dream of doing.

We are, after all, in our sixth decade of life with the usual maladies and aches and pains that come with our ages, but we are retired, and have the freedom to pursue our passions and live the purpose driven life, described by author Rick Warren in his book of the same name.

I would like to share with you our day to day life on the prairies, as we nurture this land and it's flora and fauna, and as we also grow organic grains and produce this summer. We are newbies,
so you can expect failures as well as successes, and documentation of both and pictures of all.

We are aware of the challenges an agricultural life-style poses, and realistic about the threat prairie predators, such as rattle snakes, coyotes and cougars may pose to our animals but are willing to learn what we can to protect our 'flock' and provide habitat for indiginous wild life as well. By flock, I am referring to any future domestic animals we may have.

After living in Washington state for over forty years with no poisonous snakes, I am a little intimidated by the prairie rattler. Divulging this little weakness on my part, will probably be fodder for more than a few jokes and teasing from family members who have been living in South Dakota all their lives, but I thought I would mention it.

We are excited about the possibility of eventually having a barn and cabin on this acreage. We have horses now, but pay board at a stable here in Puyallup. Our family loves horses, and equestrian activities, and I, Mary Cat, have always had a dream of having a having a tack room, and an arena, and if I can divulge another secret,which is not so secret anymore, a little tractor of my own. LOL here.
Our first step after getting the land use plan in writing, is to have a well dug. There is a spring fed pond on the lower parcel, which is currently in use as a stock pond, so we know water is accessable, but any future cabin would be up hill from it. We will know more about the well in April when the well digger gets out there and determines a plan of action.

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