Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, I am my mother after all.

My dear old Mum can't throw much of anything away, and this tendency has been passed along to several of her children, myself included.

That's why I fight a natural leaning toward hoarding. There's always that 'some day ' logic. Some day we may need to use that old appliance, or someday I will be able to wear that suit again.

My sibs and I recognize this is a flaw and even a curse, but dealing with it is another story. It's a constant battle.

Some of us are aware that hoarding and collecting can be problematic, and others are not. Some may enjoy having large collections of knick-nacks, and other treasures, and find happiness in looking at them. That's OK. I'm thinking more of the things that no longer matter, things that have no purpose, items taking up space.

I am of the opinion that hanging on to un-needed items can lead to a disordered life and likewise, a cluttered mind. This is the voice of experience speaking to you, folks. Non-the-less, some inner feeling in those of us afflicted with this obsessive compulsive disorder causes a resistance to logic.

Have you heard the term "less is more"? Very often this is true,

When closets and dresser drawers are cleaned out, we all fell better, because the really valued items, things useful today, are so much easier to find. And we are not throwing things away; we are giving them to some-one in need.

Keeping that thought in mind, maybe there's hope for my siblings and me.

Now, I wonder, why does Hubby insist on hauling my old bird cage to the dump? What if......?


  1. Why don't you do us all a favor and get rid of that rotten old bird cage. Just because you over paid for it 25 years ago does not mean it has value or serves a purpose today. It is junking up your yard and cluttering your mind.... Free yourself MaryCat...Free yourself.