Saturday, September 12, 2009


For baking I would have to say dry pack or freezing would be my favorite method of preserving rhubarb because it would keep it's bright red and green color, and most of the other methods involving heat tend to turn it a less attractive, drabber shade of greenish brown, (in my opinion).

The following is taken directly from my Ball Blue Book of preserving.

"Select rhubarb with crisp, tender red stalks. Early spring cuttings are best for freezing. Remove leaves and woody ends; discard blemished and tough stalks. Wash rhubarb well under running water; cut into 1 inch lengths. Prepare using one of the following methods:

Dry Pack: Pack rhubarb into plastic freezer bags or vacuum package. Seal, label and freeze."

The book also give directions for sugar Pack, Syrup Pack and Stewed, but for this use Dry Pack is sufficient.

I highly recommend Ball Blue Book of preserving. Web site is
Telephone number for Ball company is 1-800-240-3340, but this book can be found where-ever canning supplies are found.

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