Sunday, September 13, 2009


Last night Carol and I baby sat for Jessie and Joni Rae's baby, Alaya Ryan, and although the
experience was sweet and the baby was as good as any baby could be, we slept very little.
We took turns holding Alaya and feeding her and burping her and rocking her, and just enjoying cuddling the newborn in general.

Joni and Jessie, (A.K.A. Bubba) were celebrating Joni's 21st birthday with a night on the town. They planned to stay out all night and sleep in the next morning.

So the evening began with a birthday dinner party at Carol and Dennis' home with Jesse as barbeque chef grilling terriaki shishkababs, then presents and cards from all of us, followed by ice cream cake.

Finally the friends arrived for the cocktail part of the party and that's where Grandma Carol and I came in for the babysitting. Carol asked me to spend the night because she is still on crutches recovering from her surgery and would be unable to carry baby Alaya.

We had a sleep-over party of our own, just Carol, Cathy, and Baby Alaya. We got very little sleep, but we had a pleasant night. Alaya's parents werent there at noon the next day when Jim picked me up and took me home to take my medicine. Carol told me later they came for the baby at 2:30 P.M feeling a bit green at the gills.

On the way home from Carol's house, Jim and I stopped at Mother's garden and picked a lot of tomatoes and apples, bush beans and corn, planning to freeze and preserve most of it.

Today was a perfect Goldilocks Day for sept 13th, not too hot, not too cold, not too windy, just right. After we got home, I walked at the river, and talked with Steph on the phone but was a bit tired for much else.

Tired that is until I spoke with Mother and found that she had only eaten junk food for dinner.
Then like Super Turtle Woman (LOL), I made her some dinner out of the garden produce and took it over. That will be the stuff of my next blog entitled : Soup For Mother or maybe it should be called Hog Rinds are not good for dinner for my Mommy.
Anyway read all about it in the next entry.

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