Sunday, September 13, 2009


Align Left
There is a hand painted rock on my desk that reminds me everyday that we should make good use of all of the the God given gifts bestowed upon us. While we should need no reminder for such an important issue, somehow we manage to push superficial things to the forefront of our minds, while ignoring the basic message that we are here to serve the Lord, by finding our divine purpose in life.

I read the message here on my desk:

What you are is GOD'S gift to you.
What you make of yourself is your gift to GOD.

And meanwhile, the Lord, Our God is all around us, whispering in the wind, the rain, the prairie grass and the current of the river, as well as the churches in the communities to remember our divine purposes on this Earth.

Do you personally search for your calling? If not, please begin to think about what it is.

There is a book entitled The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren, which I recommend.

In today's busy lifestyle's, sometimes it is difficult to find the clarity to focus on what is important in life; and this book brings these faith based issues into perspective.

While I am not a regular church goer, I feel a connection to God, and don't always feel that men and women need an organized channel to God. There are many pathways to God. The churches are a road to God, but the way and the light of God is everywhere.

I am searching for my calling, and divine purpose, and find God's will can be done on a small scale bit by bit, piece by piece, while waiting to give on a larger scale.

That being said, here is my own personal prayer:

"Heavenly angels stay close to us.

Watch over over our family and friends, both living and those loved ones who have preceded us in death.

Guide us to divine principles and stewardship of our earthly flora and fauna.

Give us the strength to stand up for our beliefs, and eloquently speak our minds for the good of all people, and to defend the defenseless.

Return the memories of our ancestors pride, honor and work ethic that we can carry on their heritage. Our roots run deep and we should not forget our past, as truly the circle will someday be unbroken.

Embrace us as we celebrate our blessings and cherish our loved ones, now and forever".

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