Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The day after we had the sleep-over for Baby Alaya, which was, for the most part, sleepless; Carol and I were tired.

It was, as I said, a 'Goldilocks Day" here in Mobridge S.D., except for a little blustery September wind. The temperature was in the high seventies, not as hot as in previous days.

Jim was concerned that I had not taken any of my medicine since the day before, so he decided we should leave Carol's house around noon, and head for home.

As we started out I suggested we stop off in Mother's garden. It was a fine day for gardens, so off we went to harvest. We very quickly gleaned all we could carry and came out with arm loads and bags of produce to preserve and share with the family. The corn was ready, and tomatoes, green beans, apples and cucumbers.

My plan was to freeze the tomatoes for soup as outlined in the recipe blog, but would deal with them later. For now they would wait on the kitchen counter while I wandered drowsily in for a nap.

My bedroom here is a very comforting place to be both in the daytime and at night. On
this September day, and every day summer day there are choruses of birds singing in the trees
and bathing in the bird bath in the back yard. Our neighbor, Gary, lovingly tends to the needs
of these joyful winged beings and the bird bath alone draws many species splashing together
and sitting along the round exterior.I have counted up to 10 to 12 at a time on hot summer days.

I might add that when that when the Gladers, Gary and C.J., are traveling or at their cabin, I have stepped up to be the keeper of the birds. I took on this role one day when the neighbors on both sides were gone on vacation and I looked out and saw the bird bath dry, and the birdies sitting there with that wtf? look on their faces. So, I rushed out and cleaned the bath and filled it, and have not let it dry out in their absence since that time.

But now back to my nap,----.

On this day, I asked Jim only to wake me if one of the children should call, and and gazed out
the window in a contented state at the beautiful early fall day, and at the trees, some heavily fruited, and fell asleep to the comforting sounds of the birds.
Some time later, Jim woke me for a call from our daughter, Stephany. We talked awhile. I was glad to hear from her as I had been worrying about her.
When I got up it was close to 7:00 P.M. The day was gone, and I hadn't called Mother yet, so I gave her a little ringy dingy. As usual she saw the call ID and quiped: "Is this Brockamp James?"
"Yes, Mother, your kinda close, How are you tonight?"

It was then that my Mother told me that she had had a bag of pork rinds for dinner.


"Yes, pork rinds, thats what I had."

I replied, "I'll be right over to make you some Home Made Tomato Soup".

She thought that sounded very good. I actually made it at my house quite quickly and
took it over and we both enjoyed it quite a lot.
It was Eight O'Clock when I arrived with the soup and we ate and chatted for about an hour and a half and had quite a nice visit.

It was what my dear departed neighbor from Sea-Tac Wa. Belle Swaffield would call " a lovely impromptu dinner party."

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